Internal collaboration is paramount for our success

Erdenetuya. G, CEO of MNMA

Internal collaboration is paramount for our success. Discrepancies between the messages conveyed at PDAC and the subsequent actions of the government can pose significant obstacles to actual investment. Ensuring consistency between invitations extended and the support provided upon investors' arrival is crucial. Investor interests must be safeguarded, with a mutual commitment to responsible conduct. Stakeholders must fulfill their roles and collaborate effectively to attract tangible investments. The era of critical minerals presents unprecedented opportunities. Failure to capitalize on this could delay future mining prospects significantly. While our nation discusses critical minerals, it's evident that significant preparation is required in the legal framework to facilitate investments in this domain. 

Neglecting this could risk missing out on a golden opportunity amidst our engagements in various meetings. International conferences, including PDAC, serve as platforms for substantive dialogues. Countries are delineating their capabilities and resources, exploring avenues for collaboration, and initiating concrete partnerships. We have much to contemplate and strategize upon in this regard. As discussions on critical minerals proliferate, it's imperative to scrutinize the measures being undertaken to capitalize on this sector.

Mining Insight Magazine, March 2024 №3 (028)