To attract potential investors and stimulate interest in Mongolia's mining sector

Ganbaatar. J, Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry

Participating in PDAC holds significant importance for Mongolia as a prominent mining nation, boasting vast geological resources and a thriving economy. The primary objective is to showcase Mongolia's commitment to fostering an open and conducive environment for mining endeavors. The MMHI actively engages with visitors at the Mongolian exhibition grounds during PDAC, collecting and recording requested information for future reference. Prominent attendees are earmarked for the invitation to Mining Week-2024, where they will have the opportunity to present their projects and initiatives. This strategic approach underscores the primary goal of running an exhibition booth: to attract potential investors and stimulate interest in Mongolia's mining sector. 

While comprehensive information may not be feasible to provide on-site, the aim is to entice visitors to explore Mongolia further and potentially invest in its mining ventures. Transparency is paramount, with honest acknowledgment of existing challenges such as infrastructure limitations and issues related to water and energy supply. For instance, discussions with interested parties regarding copper smelting emphasize the reality of energy constraints, urging prospective investors to devise solutions independently. In addressing water concerns, a policy focusing on surface water utilization over groundwater is highlighted. Overall, the emphasis lies in providing accurate information to investors and fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and investment in Mongolia's mining industry. 

Mining Insight Magazine, March 2024 №3 (028)