Advancing towards energy transition

In early August, Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyun-Erdene.L embarked on an official visit to the United States. The visit garnered widespread attention, both domestically and internationally, with numerous speculations about its outcomes. Reports consistently highlighted the Prime Minister's discussions in Washington regarding cooperation in rare earth elements and the future direction of this collaboration. As Mongolia's rare earth elements or critical minerals came into the spotlight, there has been a surge of exaggerated and inflated information surrounding the topic. To provide a balanced and objective perspective, Mining Insight's latest issue dedicates its main article to Mongolia's critical minerals, aiming to encourage readers to consider the subject from an economic standpoint rather than solely as an international relations and geopolitical matter.

The increasing demand for minerals, particularly those vital for 21st-century production and the clean energy transition, poses significant global challenges but also offers substantial economic opportunities. In its latest issue, Mining Insight focuses on presenting new investment opportunities arising from these challenges. It includes a special section highlighting projects and companies involved in developing Mongolia's clean energy transition, solutions, and infrastructure. Topics covered range from Mongolia's transition to clean energy, the importance of critical minerals, ongoing research for meeting coal-based hydrogen demand, methane gas exploration, and renewable energy projects. Notably, MAK, in cooperation with Japanese technology and research companies, has initiated research on a hydrogen pilot plant, which is seen as a step toward a clean energy transition for Mongolia. The company's ambition to build a hydrogen plant and potentially export hydrogen to Japan is considered a significant move in line with global energy transitions. As Mongolia seeks new energy production options amid an irreversible energy transition, the new issue also features an interview with Baatarmunkh.B, the Executive Director of the "Newcom" Group. It explores renewable energy production and its potential as a promising sector for creating new export income streams.
The renewable energy sector continues to attract foreign direct investment and is viewed as an essential part of Mongolia's energy future. Additionally, Mining Insight is pleased to announce its role as an information partner for the "International New Energy Summit 2023." This conference will delve into the creation and development of clean and reliable energy sources in the current global context, addressing key aspects of energy transition. We are proud to present this new issue, encompassing all these critical topics and developments.