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The editorial team consists of experienced journalists and researchers who have been covering the mining sector and economics for 5-12 years. Experts in the field are also members of our Editorial advisory board and support the editorial team with professional advice. We are aiming to contribute to the development and maturity of inclusive and sustainable mining. Accurate and precise information about your business to the decision-makers, public, players in the mining industry of Mongolia, and foreign investors, along with professional consulting services.



Editor-in-Chief ARIUNTUYA. N

The last days of a passing year hold a uniquely significant resonance. During these exceptional moments, individuals have the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments over the past year. Similarly, as we reach the year's end, Mining Insight takes a moment to recount its own journey. Mining Insight bids farewell to 2023 after a year marked by activity and productivity. Happy New Year to our journalists, editorial staff, and everyone who contributed to our shared efforts in this bustling pace. A notable achievement for Mining Insight in 2023 is the expansion of its international conference media partnerships. Journalists from Mining Insight took part in PDAC, hosted in Toronto in March, and RawMaterials, the European Raw Materials Conference held in Brussels in May. As the mining industry's premier event platform, PDAC 2022 saw Mining Insight initiate a media partnership with the organizing committee during its coverage. This collaboration, established in 2022, has continued to evolve, marking the third year of serving as PDAC's media partner. Simultaneously, Mining Insight extended its reach to Europe, securing an invitation to act as a media partner for the Raw Materials Summit.

Through this collaboration with Europe's leading mining industry event, EIT RawMaterials, Mining Insight provided comprehensive coverage of the summit's highlights, broadening its international media presence. We have proudly served as the official media partner for various prestigious events worldwide, including the Digitalization in Mining conferences held in the European Union and Australia, the World Resources Forum, and The Magnetics Show—an esteemed event organized by Select Global Events with 35 years of experience. The North American regional ensemble and exhibition of The Magnetics Show are scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on May 22-23, 2024. These enduring partnerships are set to continue for years to come. The 2023 World Resources Conference, which unfolded in Geneva, Switzerland on September 4-6 with online participation available, saw Mining Insight magazine granting 10 online participation rights to its readers as part of this collaboration. Additionally, we acted as a media partner for the "Digitalization in Mining" conference held in Stockholm, Sweden (August 29-30, 2023), and Perth, Australia (November 21-22, 2023), offering discounted registration rights to our valued readers and subscribers.

Our dedicated colleagues have diligently conveyed essential information from key meetings in the mining, investment, and critical minerals sectors abroad to the Mongolian mining industry. Furthermore, we provided comprehensive coverage of all mining conferences held in Ulaanbaatar. In a testament to our commitment to fostering international connections, Mining Insight has proudly attained "Corporate Member" status with AustCham Mongolia and joined the esteemed ranks of the German-Mongolian Business Owners' Association (DMUV). Batbold. O's contribution to Mining Insight has been instrumental in the magazine's expansion, particularly in showcasing its activities on the international stage. Thanks to his dedication, Mining Insight magazine has become a regular participant in major global mining, geological exploration, and investment conferences and expos, establishing itself as a media partner.

Our dream of disseminating information about Mongolia's mining industry to the world, and representing Mongolia's voice and interests, is gradually becoming a reality. We take pride in having an editorial team comprised of seasoned journalists with continuous experience in covering mining industry issues since 2010. Notably, journalist Odjargal. E is among them. Our editorial team is thrilled to announce that Batbold. O and Odjargal. E have been honored with the "Top Miner" badge at the turn of the year, recognizing their valuable contributions to the widespread dissemination of Mongolian mining information, transcending national boundaries. Additionally, as the year came to a close, Mining Insight recognized Bold-Erdene. S as the recipient of the inaugural accolade of 2023. For any journalist, being recognized by their article is a prestigious and proud achievement—an award that every journalist aspires to receive. In 2023, Mining Insight magazine presented, for the first time, the quantity of minerals mined since 1990. This information was meticulously extracted from the annual report of the National Statistics Office, covering 33 years of production data. Journalist Bold-Erdene. S, who compiled and analyzed the available numerical data, demonstrated exceptional commitment. Articles like those produced by Bold-Erdene. S represents analyzed material and the professional conclusions of a seasoned journalist. On behalf of the team, I extended heartfelt congratulations once again and presented BoldErdene. S with the Best Article of 2023 award for his articles that significantly enrich the content of Mining Insight. Over the past year, our activities have extended beyond traditional magazine articles and information dissemination.

We took on the task of preparing the "Mongolian Coal 2023" report on behalf of the Mongolian Coal Association. The experience of compiling and summarizing key figures for Mongolia's coal production as of 2022, amid significant shifts in the global coal market, has been particularly rewarding. While addressing the common challenge of information gaps, this endeavor has equipped us to enhance our work in similar projects in the future. In collaboration with Mongolia’s Council for Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (CSS), Mining Insight magazine embarked on a research initiative and implemented a pilot project in Buregkhangai, Bulgan Province, Altanshiree, Dornogovi Province, and Khuld Soum, Dundgovi Province, focusing on miningrelated issues and local relations. The AMEP program provided an opportunity to initiate local communication projects in three distinct sub-districts, each varying significantly in terms of geology, scale of mining operations, and initial conditions. Aligning with the interests and desires of local citizens, we have gained another valuable experience through the practical implementation of Informing, Consulting, Participating, and Collaborating. We are currently in the process of launching a new magazine, Energy Insight.

As Ulaanbaatar adorns itself with snow, creating a festive atmosphere for the New Year, we are diligently preparing the inaugural issue. Focused on themes such as climate change, energy transition, and related topics, Energy Insight aims to channel journalistic attention towards the crucial subject of energy. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our new magazine as we usher in the New Year. In an era where the need for news that is neutral, analytical, and opinionated is increasingly vital, it is commendable to witness Mining Insight expedite its endeavors. Reflecting on the past 365 days, it becomes evident how much effort is required to make a significant impact in the realm of printed magazines— an endeavor that has transformed into a noble pursuit for today's readers. Let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to our colleagues on this momentous occasion, marking the grandest holiday of the year.